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Terms and Conditions:  Classyproperties.com dba Turning Leaf  Furnished Townhomes (Owner/Agent) agrees to postpone Resident's rental payment for ninety days (90) from the date of resident check-in while resident's home is being constructed and/or is actively listed for sale.  Resident agrees to place on closer's HUD final 90 day rental payment due and payable to Owner/Agent.  If resident's home does not close within the 90 day period, resident authorizes Owner/Agent to charge their credit card on file in accordance with their credit card agreement.  All subsequent rent shall be due and payable the first of each month thereafter and be in accordance with the existing terms and conditions agreement agreed to at check-in.  Resident agrees if existing home's listing become inactive or construction stops for at least five (5) days, all rent and fees are due and payable immediately.  By electronically submitting this application, Resident agrees to these terms and conditions noted on the CONTACT US page.  Submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance into the Turning Leaf Home Selling System.  Upon approval , resident authorizes Owner/Agent to record a Deed of Trust against the property for sale in the amount of the hotel bill. 

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During Home Selling/Construction

•   Most Realtors agree an empty, clean and marketable home sells easier and better.

•   59% of Realtors say a clean and staged home increases the value from 1% - 10%. 
     (so, a $150,000 staged home will bring in, on average, another $7,500 in closing price!)  

•   77% of Realtors suggest the seller de-clutter and repair property defaults prior to selling. 

•   49% of buyer's agents report most buyers are pleasantly affected by home staging.

•   81% of buyers say a clean, updated, and staged home is easier to visualize and gives buyers a frame of    
  Source:  National Association of Realtors 2015 Profile of Home Staging
This many Realtors can't be wrong!
Stay with us and prepare your home for a successful sell.

Stay at our furnished townhomes for three months with no out-of-pocket cash. 

Upon the sale or final construction of your home, pay us your rent due from the sale/loan proceeds.  We will even give you $150 off staging and $50 toward household goods storage for monthly residents.  It's that simple!  Complete the application below and hit submit.  We will get back to you within 1 business day.